Ethiopian Basketball Federation in North America


1.  Its 5 on 5 full court tournament.

2. All the players on the team must have a uniform with visible numbers for identification purpose.

3. All participating teams must pay the $100.00 team fee before playing.

4. Team coach’s and team captains have the responsibility of finalizing the proper paper work of their team.

5. Any player who did not signed and turned in the proper paper work will not participate in the tournament.

6.  A player will be ejected after 5 team personal foul.

7.  A game will last 40 minutes, all the way to the semi-finals.

8. A team is awarded 2 time outs per half, 4 per game.  Unused time out of the first half will not roll over the second half.

9.  Any kind of fighting will not be tolerated.

                 I) Verbal altercation will result a technical foul or ejection.

                 II)  Physical altercation will result an immediate ejection without any condition.


10. EBFNA and affiliate organizations may not be responsible for any possible injuries that may occur through out the tournament.

11. A team which did not show up on time of it’s tournament will  be counted a team forfeit  it’s playing time or privilege.

12.  No player is allowed to take off his uniform in the gymnasium. Team captains are directly responsible for their players’ behavior on

       gymnasium.  Such act will be an automatic suspension on future participation.