Ethiopian Basketball Federation in North America



Welcome to the official web site of the Ethiopian Basketball Federation In North America. We are the voice of new generation.  For years we have been working hard to build our organization.  Currently our organization is moving toward new steps.  EBFNA’s plan is to build a strong relationship with other communities and diversify our organization.  So far we are accommodating, particularly the Ethiopian-American and our friends from different aspects of life by providing a venue to show case their talent at the basketball court.


Very soon, our organization will launch a nation wide program that will diversify our players and make them more cape able of getting involved in different communities as volunteers.


As we predict the future, we are getting ready on accepting new challenges. Our organization is one of a kind that looks after young and bright young men and women.  We had encounter enormous  challenges in the past.  The experience we acquired has given us the opportunity to stand out from other organizations serving the Ethiopian community.


On the up coming years we are planning to tighten our organizational infrastructure,  keep up with our game quality,  set a higher players standard and diversify our tournaments.  With no percent of injury and absolutely no incidents, we have proved on the past five years  we are going to build a bridge in our community for the future.  Based on Los Angeles, California  EBFNA is a none-profit organization, soon to be expanding nation wide.  I encourage you to come and be part of us and part of history.  

                                                                                             Alemayehu Zenebe

                                                                                                Founding Director

                                                                                     Ethiopian Basketball Federation In

                                                                                                     North America